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May 5, 2009, 11:46 pm
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What begins as a fairytale quickly turns into a horror story.

Derek (Idris Elba) has the perfect life.  He is part of a Kodak photographer’s dream family consisting of gorgeous wife Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles) and cherub-cheeked baby Kyle (Nathan and Nicholas Myers).  After finally moving into their dream home and accepting a job as investment banker, the family could live the American Dream, at last.  Right?

Cue the attractive intern named Lisa (Ali Larter) who wears six-inch heels and a devilish grin.  This woman has an insatiable desire to take Derek as her own and will stop at nothing to get him.

Take one homewrecker and an unsuspecting husband, throw in some mental insanity and you’ve got the basic gist of the plot.  Sound familiar?  Imagine Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in an elevator for “Fatal Attraction,” a 1987 thriller that ranked as the second highest grossing film that year.

“Obsessed” rides on the coattails of this Oscar-nominated hit.  However, it fails to deliver the thrills and chills that made the original so effective.

“The Quad-City Times” Linda Cook says, “‘Obsessed’ is one of the sleaziest, most laughable screenplays to hit the screen this year.”  The reviewer describes Larter’s performance as unconvincing.

Steven Holden at “The New York Times” was left unimpressed by the film as well.  He believed it was “a clanking, low-rent imitation of ‘Fatal Attraction’ that lacks the imagination to come up with such a novelty.”  The reviewer even pursued a startling observation.  The film’s lead two actors have an uncanny resemblance to OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson.  “It lends ‘Obsessed’ a distasteful taint of exploitation,” says Holden.

Unlike the original, “Obsessed” has a stronger characterization of the wronged wife.  Taking the place of Anne Archer’s timid performance, Knowles creates a wildwoman in her character of Sharon.  Her persona is one of fiercity that resembles a momma bear savagely protecting her family.  Sharon is more than a match for Lisa.

The film’s fight sequences are impressive.  Clearly, Knowles and Larter practiced for hours with a choreographer to match the blow-for-blow perfection.  The appeal for “Obsessed,” number one contender at this week’s box office, could hinge upon the film’s ten-minute cat fight.  “Film Junk” reviewer Wintle said, “The last time I can remember seeing something similar was the fight between Elle and The Bride in Kill Bill Vol. 2.”

“Obsessed” is no “Kill Bill” cinematic masterpiece.  However, the result is a hair-pulling film, minus a mud pit.


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